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   YOUR chance to be on a Reality Show!!

ONE woman from this TapRoot event WILL appear on an upcoming reality show to be held HERE in Alaska!

WHO? Single women 18yrs or older {This is a dating reality show}

(If under 21 MUST be accompanied by a legal parent or guardian night of event)

WHAT? $100,000.00 Ultimate Diva Challenge! Casting call

[ 24 strong independent women willing to fight for what they want, Money & a Man! ]

WHERE? TapRoot 3300 Spenard Rd

WHEN?  Sat Jan 31st 1-4pm, &  Sat Feb  7th 1-4pm

WHY?? For YOUR chance at $1,000.00 In CASH and prizes the night of the event!

AND... For YOUR chance to be on a reality show!  With a chance at $100,000.00 In CASH & Prizes!

Oh... yeah...  and perhaps a man! ;)

Voting at the event will be done BY THE AUDIENCE! So bring your friends and family. ONLY girls who have come to the casting call will be allowed to participate the night of the event. {or register on line at www.divagameshow.com and then Email lisa@divagameshow.com and tell her you want to be at the event} DO NOT try to show up night of the event w/out being registered and given your VIP pass IN ADVANCE. NO exceptions! Choice of the woman to appear on the show will be at the discretion of the staff and may/may not be the winner of the Monster Ball 'sexiest dead girl' contest. Contact Robert or Lisa for additional details. 907-202-1437 or

go to www.ultimaterealityshows.com to preregister today!! Sponsored in part by Plato's Closet! Where Diva's can fill their closet without breaking the bank! www.platosclosetanchorage.com 

AND Dooley's Tuxedos & Costumes! http://dooleysak.com/ GET YOUR TICKETS TODAY! For the Fri 13th "Monster Ball" The show WILL sell out! For tickets to the event go to: http://ultimaterealityshows.com/faq Or buy them at Dooley's!


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